John Foster

Captain’s Views

Would you be willing to Captain the England 60+ team to Australia? I didn’t have to think for very long! Getting the call to play sport for your country (and if it’s cricket – playing against Australia) is everybody’s ambition when they are young and fit. To some of us it comes a little later in life.

Selecting 17 or 18 players from those who play regularly within the Seevent competition proved a difficult task but we have a strong touring party with good all-round balance – and some in reserve! We have had limited time together as a squad but will prepare ourselves well and aim to keep fit and injury free during the summer.

A four week tour down under will be a fantastic opportunity not only to see some of the country but also to play against some tough competitors and make some new friends into the bargain. Our objective is of course to have a great time and we will enjoy it even more if we win all of our matches and bring back the Ashes! Whatever the results we all want to make the most of the opportunity to play against the Aussies and visit this great country.

We thank our hosts Australia Seniors Cricket for inviting us and are really looking forward to meeting up on the other side of the world.

John Foster