Maggie Boyden


Rosy red cheeks and straw in her hair but looks can be deceptive. From rural Shropshire, really she is a hired assassin with HMRC and strikes fear everywhere. Her pen is quick, but her tongue is even sharper. Fortunately for Shropshire cricketers, it is an impecunious county, where even the accountants are poor and the only people with money have already left the county. England cricketers will need to be vigilant to safeguard themselves! Scored for many years for her home village team near Shrewsbury then plucked from obscurity to be the Shropshire 60+ official scorer by a well-meaning, but gullible captain. Her wit can land her in trouble, and her teammates have offered her for sale on many occasions, but despite one tentative nibble, no county has even completed due diligence. Earlier in her life, she regularly had a stick in her hand, either playing cricket, or representing Shropshire at hockey. Many crippled hockey players can testify that she was just as dangerous then!