Good luck messages

Geoff Miller OBE

On 10th January 1959, at the age of 7, I heard some noises downstairs at 2 Enfield Road, a semi-detached house in Chesterfield at 5 o’clock in the morning. I went down to investigate! My father was preparing the fire for another freezing day. He was listening to a crackling radio.

“What are you listening to?” I asked him.

“This, son, is what sport is all about. Australia versus England in Sydney. The history of cricket, and just imagine, one day I could be listening to you playing for England out in Australia!!”

Well, I gave him his wish, and actually, visited the antipodes on three occasions, as a player.

You guys, as the England 60+, will be treading the wonderful grounds of Oz very soon. How fantastic is that. Enjoy every minute of your time out there. I have no doubt the Aussies will play hard but fair, and challenge you in all aspects of the game! That is the way they approach their sport, so be prepared for it.

You will return with some brilliant tales and memories, both on and off the field. I have not met anyone who has done the trip and not had a story or two to tell. The bars are welcoming, and I am sure some of your team members are keen to adapt to the Aussie socialising habits!!!

Have a great time, and by the way…..we normally beat Australia these days, so don’t let your country down!!!

Dr Geoff Miller OBE 
Derbyshire, Essex and England

To John and the rest of the squad, good luck with your trip ‘down under’! Have a great time and enjoy yourselves but more importantly make sure you put the Aussies to the sword and come back with the Ashes!

Joe Hart
Manchester City FC and England (+ Shrewsbury CC)

It’s great to know that the cricketers who are fading out of club league cricket can still have something to look forward to in their old age! I’m sure you will have a great time – enjoy the hospitality and the cricket and of course make sure you win because you will enjoy it even more! Fly the flag for Shropshire cricket!

Cricket Shropshire
(Shropshire Cricket Board)